Claude Ragle

Claude Ragle


Phone: 509-335-0822


Professional Credentials

  • DVM - Michigan State University 1983
  • Internship- Southwest Equine Hospital - Scottsdale Arizona 19983-1985
  • Surgical Residency- University of California- Davis - 1985-1988
  • Staff Surgeon -Pioneer Equine Hospital- Oakdale, California, 1988-1992
  • Faculty Surgeon - Washington State University 1992- Present

Board Certifications

  • American College of Veterinary Surgeons- Diplomate, 1989
  • American Board of Veterinary Practitioners- Diplomate - Equine Practice, 1989, recertified in 1999

Clinical Practice Areas

  • Advanced Equine Surgery - (Soft tissue and Orthopedic)
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy)
  • Respiratory Surgery and Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Advanced Lameness Diagnostics (Nuclear Scintigraphy, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Veterinary Applied Laparoscopic Training-VALT


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Washington State University