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Otto Styslinger

Otto the CatI’ve waited a full year before writing about my experience with Otto's pituitary tumor because upon reflection I get so emotional I can't keep going. It’s time I wrote his story. Otto is a 3 legged big beautiful black cat with so much personality that when trucks pull up to the house he will climb in the back, when I have friends or family over Otto takes a chair that has been pulled up and watches the group.

Otto was losing weight fast and his diagnosis was diabetes. The diabetes was completely out of control so I had every test run available and found out he had a pituitary tumor and would continue to need increased insulin and his joints would grow. With only 3 legs, 14 years old and badly arthritic I felt Otto's only chance for a comfortable life would be the surgery and with Dr. Owen being the only vet in the US we headed to WSU within a week of speaking to Dr. Owen and her team. Otto's kidneys were now compromised and they suggested flushing for 2 days with fluids to get him ready for surgery. We did this on Friday and Saturda,y and the surgery was scheduled for the following Tuesday.

I can't express fully the amazing care he received while there - I met with everyone on the team and was amazed at the professionalism and compassion of all involved. I was allowed to visit Otto every day and discuss his progress. The devotion to my little buddy was unlike any experience I have ever had. There is always follow up after a major surgery like this, and it was made clear I could call anytime for a consult. Even the veterinary student called me on my cell to check on us and told me how much she missed Otto. Right now Otto is laying in the sun and relaxing. I never looked back after making the decision for surgery as Otto was being pricked 5 times a day and his joints were swelling making for a very miserable cat.

I can't thank this group enough for the life they gave back to Otto.

Not a bad place to visit in the summer either. I ran in the woods every day and thanked God for the blessing I had been given.

Babbie Styslinger


Washington State University