Small Animal Services


Details of the Cardiology Services


The WSU cardiology service evaluates animal patients with cardiopulmonary abnormalities including congenital cardiac malformations and acquired valvular heart diseases. Pre-breeding screening heart examinations are also available. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for performance of thoracic radiography, electrocardiography, blood pressure measurement and complete echocardiography using Doppler evaluation. Cardiac catheterization is performed in a specialized lab with cardiac pressure monitoring, fluoroscopy, angiography and digital image capture. The most common cardiac surgical procedures performed at WSU are pacemaker implantation, coil embolization for patent ductus arteriosus, and balloon valvuloplasty of pulmonic stenosis.

Community Practice

Details of the Community Practice Services

Community PracticeWSU's Community Practice provides primary veterinary care for animal owners in Pullman, Wash., Moscow, Idaho, and surrounding communities. WSU's Community Practice is similar to private veterinary hospitals offering a complete range of services. Yet, because we are a teaching hospital, examinations and treatments often take a little longer than in private practice. We use a team approach to evaluate patients, which also provides training to fourth-year professional students and postgraduate students (interns, residents). Our team includes faculty, residents, students, and staff. The WSU Community Practice has in-house consultation services available for specialized diagnostic tests and treatments including radiographic imaging (CT scans, MR imaging) and cancer treatment. Also see our vaccination protocols for dogs and cats


Details of the Dentistry Services

The dentistry team consists of Dr. Tammy White, a board certified veterinary dentist at the WSU Spokane Campus and Dr. Raelynn Farnsworth, a clinical assistant professor at WSU-Pullman. 

Internal Medicine

Details of the Internal Medicine Services

Internal MedicineOur referral medicine veterinarians specialize in diagnostic determinations utilizing endoscopy, radiography, CT & MRI scans and ultrasound as well as extensive laboratory assessments and interpretations. The most common areas of treatment include oncology, diabetes and other endocrinologic diseases, hematopoietic and respiratory disorders. We are able to provide radioactive iodine therapy, radiation, and a variety of chemotherapies. When invasive therapy becomes necessary, we work closely with small animal surgeons to provide full-spectrum care.


Details of the Neurology Services

NeurologyOur neurologists provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Expertise in neurologic assessment is combined with special medical imaging, electrodiagnostics, clinical pathology and other modalities in pursuit of the most rapid and complete diagnosis. Commonly seen problems include compressive lesions of the spinal column, spinal instability, brain cancer, along with inflammatory, infectious, and metabolic diseases. WSU has leading-edge neurosurgical capabilities for all levels of the nervous system, including peripheral nerves, the spinal cord, and the brain.


Details of the Oncology Services

OncologyThe oncology service at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, together with surgery, internal medicine, neurology, and radiology services, is committed to unmatched cancer care for companion animals.  Diagnosing and treating a pet with cancer involves a team of specialists including oncologists, internal medicine veterinarians, clinical pathologists, surgeons, and radiologists.


Details of the Ophthalmology Services

OphthalmologyThe ophthalmology team consists of Dr. Terri Alessio, a clinical assistant professor and board-certified ophthalmologist at WSU-Pullman and and Dr. Yakely, a board-certified ophthalmologist at the WSU Spokane Campus. Currently, ophthalmology services are offered at WSU on Thursdays and Fridays and the service sees all species of animals. 


Details of the Orthopedics Services

OrthopedicsOur orthopedic surgeons perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, including fracture management using the latest techniques of bone plating, intramedullary nails, or external skeletal fixation methods including linear and ring fixators. We can offer conservative as well as surgical management for orthopedic patients. Areas of special orthopedic expertise include arthroscopy of the shoulder, elbow and stifle. Other surgical procedures include femoral head and neck ostoectomy, tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), and corrective osteotomies. To aid in diagnosis of orthopedic problems we have available various imaging modalities such as MRI, CT, and bone scan.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Details of the Soft Tissue Services

Soft Tissue SurgeryOur soft tissue surgeons perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, including oncologic, gastrointestinal, hepatic, cardiovascular, respiratory, urogenital, and plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Areas of special interest include minimally invasive surgery, using laparoscopic and thoracoscopic instrumentation. Minimally invasive surgical capabilities range from diagnostic (e.g., abdominal/thoracic exploration and biopsies) to definitive (e.g., intra-abdominal or intra-thoracic mass removal, prophylactic gastropexy, ovariohysterectomy, cryptorchidectomy, pericardectomy, and lung lobectomy). Laser surgery is also available for onychectomy, soft palate resection, stenotic nares, and a variety of soft tissue surgical procedures (e.g., TECA/BO, amputation, episioplasty, perineal surgery, etc.). Our surgical staff is available around the clock for surgical emergencies.

Wellness and Rehabilitation
(Physical Therapy)

Details of the Patient Wellness Services

Physical TherapyOur rehabilitation center offers rehabilitation for dogs that are recovering from surgery. We are able to provide manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to enhance recovery. We also have an underwater treadmill to provide hydrotherapy to our patients including those with arthritis, poor body condition, or impaired joint mobility. Our physical rehab technician, Lori Lutskas, is certified in Canine Rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee and provides the highest quality care to your animal.

Theriogenology (Reproduction)

We are the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's Reproduction Service, staffed by specialists.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide high quality routine and emergency reproductive services to breeders and small animals owners.
  • Assist veterinarians with consultations on reproductive cases

Our services include:

  • Male and female breeding soundness examination
  • Male and female infertility work-up
  • Reproductive disorders and obstetrics
  • Semen collection, evaluation, cooled shipping and freezing
  • Breeding management with fresh and cooled shipped semen
  • Breeding management using Trans-Cervical Insemination (TCI) and intrauterine surgical insemination
  • State of the art fresh and frozen semen evaluation (Computerized semen analysis)
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and fetal health evaluation

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