Donation of Animals

Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) is always very appreciative of people who wish to donate their animals to our facility. There may be a tax-deductible donation fee for animals that are donated. Additionally, there is a donation contract that must be signed and notarized. This contract can be taken care of in our office, completed by you and faxed or mailed in advance of your animal’s arrival or completed by you and brought with the animal.

Agricultural Animals: Donated animals may be used for routine teaching activities. There is no fee for donating agricultural animals. Donating owners generally receive a written or verbal report relating the clinical findings of any donated animal.

Equine: Equine donations are accepted on an as-needed basis. Currently, we are not accepting equine donations. If you have any questions, please call (509)335-0711 and ask for one of our Large Animal Patient Services Coordinators.

Exotics: As a general rule exotic pets are not received as donations to the VTH. If you have an exotic pet that you are needing to place, you are welcome to call the VTH for suggestions regarding people who may be interested in adopting the animal from the owner.

Small Animals: Small animals are not usually accepted as donations to the VTH. If you have a pet, or know of a small animal that can no longer stay with its owner, we recommend calling your local humane society.

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