Client Information

Policies of the VTH


Fees are charged for all services provided by the VTH. The financial management of the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital is similar to that of a private veterinary practice. 

Payment is expected, in full, at the time of service. For patients treated as outpatients, the owner will be advised by the clinician of costs that will be incurred before service is provided and payment is expected upon completion of the visit.

Clients with hospitalized animals will be given an estimate for the cost of treatment. For these inpatients (surgeries / ICU / extensive diagnostics) the full amount of the low end of the estimate is requested at the time of admission. The remainder of the bill is to be paid at the time of discharge. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check or credit card (Mastercard or Visa). 

On a very limited basis, funds are available for ownerless animals or owners with special circumstances. See the Good Samaritan Fund.


Parking for pet owners and those having business with the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) is found directly in front of the main entrance. When you park in this lot, during regular business hours, you must sign-in at the reception desk. 

Agricultural animal and equine owners may pull their trailers through the security gate to park on the east side of the hospital. If you need to park your trailer for more than a few hours, you may be directed to a “longer term” lot.

Pet Walking

The designated area for pet walking is found east and across the access road from the front entrance of the VTH. Plastic “Doggie Bags” are available for picking up pet feces, in the pillars found next to the road in the barked area.

Eating, Drinking, and Smoking in the VTH

The policies regarding eating, drinking, and use of tobacco products in the VTH are designed to keep us in compliance with safety standards. Eating or drinking in the examination rooms, diagnostics room, patient wards, surgery, anesthesia, or radiology where contamination of food may occur present a risk for ingesting hazardous material with the food.

WSU Pullman’s campus policy in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 504-38 prohibits all forms of tobacco and any nicotine-delivery devices, including electronic cigarettes, in or on WSU Pullman campus grounds and state-owned vehicles and equipment. This includes noncontiguous WSU-owned property located within the city limits of Pullman, WA and within Whitman County. To view the complete WSU Pullman policy, go to:


Clients may visit patients with the approval of their doctor. Visits may not be allowed in such areas as isolation or intensive care wards. Normal visiting hours are between 10:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Medical circumstances may require that visits be scheduled at a specific time. 

Visits outside normal visiting hours must have special approval. If you do receive approval for visits outside our regular business hours, you will need to page the on-call intern to let you in the hospital. This can be done from the in-house phone located on the right hand wall in the area between the sliding doors at the front entrance. 

It is in the best interest of your pet that you keep visits brief and limited to not more than two times daily. Clients may visit only the public areas of the hospital and those areas where their animal is housed. Please check in at the main lobby desk each time you visit. Visitor badges can be obtained there.

Client Participation

During Care Faculty, staff and students at WSU VTH are very sensitive to the concept of a pet‘s role in the family. Our first priority is always to provide the best care possible to each animal we work with. Our second priority is to provide an environment that facilitates teaching. There are times, when in order to provide these levels of care and teaching, an owner may be asked to stay or to leave during provision of certain aspects of care. In some situations, the presence of an owner distracts from our attention to the animal or from the instructional details that need to be communicated. Additionally, some patients are more anxious when their owner(s) are present. If an owner is asked to step out during a specific aspect of care, we will make every effort to communicate the purpose of this request along with the details of the procedure that is being performed.

Pharmacy Use Policy

The VTH Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm to provide the medications and special dietary needs of our clients. Additionally one of the staff pharmacists is on call 24 hour each day to accommodate emergency situations. Due to state and federal regulations, we are unable to offer prescription filling services for owners of animals that our not our regular clients.

Human Health and Safety

WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital acts to ensure the health and safety of our patients. However, the health and safety of a human shall not be compromised to protect that of an animal.

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