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Chocolate - one year later

Chocolate 2009Chocolate, an abandoned Chesapeake Bay retriever that ran for months on two broken front legs in the Tri-Cities area of Washington, continues to live comfortably with his adopted family. 

One year after being placed with his new family, Chocolate’s personality continues to blossom. “He is a firecracker with a little wild streak in him who likes to try and steal your food, your hat, if you are wearing one, or your pillow, and loves to wrestle with you,” says owner Sarah also is a boy who has a very sweet and loving personality and disposition. He likes to lay on you and love you and can demand attention for himself with just a look.” 

Chocolate underwent extensive surgery and months of physical therapy at WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine to repair broken limbs and to retrain him to walk correctly. His rehabilitation recently suffered a small setback after several toenails grew back out of alignment. A minor surgery performed by WSU veterinary graduate Dr. Sharon Watson has helped solve this problem. Chocolate spent most of the summer swimming every day, and still loves a good game of fetch every afternoon. 

“Chocolate has firmly situated himself in our hearts and lives forever. We can not imagine life without him,” said Weidmer, who is planning on a return trip to WSU soon to show off his progress. 

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