Good Samaritan


HopeHope, a long-haired black dog with a sweet disposition was brought to the Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine's Teaching Hospital on March 11, 2000 for repair of injuries caused by a gunshot wound to her head at the hand of her former owner. 

The bullet caused extensive damage, but fortunately missed vital structures including the brain. Hope had a large hole in the roof of her mouth and damage to nerves which resulted in blindness in her right eye and a head tilt.

Dr. Jason Beck repaired the hole in the roof of her mouth using a graft of skin from her neck in a surgery lasting almost 6 hours.

On March 31, 2000 Hope returned to Montana to be adopted. She was blind in her right eye and deaf but compensated well for these deficits.

Donations and support for Hope’s care poured in from throughout North America and even Europe.

Thanks to the children from Montreal for their donations to the Good Samaritan fund

This summary of previous web postings about Hope was prepared on Feb 14, 2008

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