Good Samaritan

A Retired Guide Dog Receives Two Life-Saving Surgeries Thanks to the Good Samaritan Fund

"Kylee" a black lab, had an important job as a guide dog for a then 16-year-old Alana, who had been blind since birth. But due to illness and the complete loss of Alana’s eyesight, Kylee retired from her duties several years ago to become a beloved family pet. So, last Christmas, when she was not acting like her usual energetic self, her family was concerned.  

She came to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the veterinarians found an obstruction in her colon. After the first surgery, Kylee experienced some complications and needed a second surgery.  Being on a limited income, Kylee’s family could not have afforded either surgery had it not been for the Good Samaritan fund.**   

"It wouldn’t have been possible without the funds," said Alana, now a sophomore majoring in psychology at the University of Idaho.  

Kylee is fully recovered and enjoying a happy and healthy life as the family pet.  

**Kylee’s family received $1500 to help cover the cost of the surgeries.

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