Integrative Veterinary Medicine and Rehabilitation

Lori and Jessica lasering a little white dog

Therapeutic LASER

Laser therapy is another modality that may benefit your pet. Therapy lasers use light energy (photons) to cause beneficial changes within unhealthy cells through a process called photobiomodulation. The laser sends photons into the tissues (without damaging them) and these photons are absorbed by mitochondria. This stimulates the cells to increase production of ATP (energy) which is needed to help repair the damaged cells and tissues. Laser therapy can increase blood flow, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, stimulate and improve healing.

Laser therapy is non-invasive and most pets do not mind the treatments which take anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes. Most conditions take several sessions (4 to 8) for the best effects and chronic conditions, such as arthritis, may require periodic maintenance sessions. At WSU-Veterinary Teaching Hospital, we have both a Class IIIb Laser (aka cold laser) and a Class IV Laser.

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