Integrative Veterinary Medicine and Rehabilitation

What to expect at your appointment

For you first appointment, you will be met by either a veterinary student on our service, our technician Lori, or Dr. Bunch. You will be asked many extensive questions regarding your pet’s problems (why they are visiting us), their home life, their diet, supplements, medications, and activity level or sport they compete in. If your pet is receiving acupuncture, you will also meet with Dr. Greene and may be asked more additional questions that relate to a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. It is often helpful if you can bring a list of medications, supplements, diet that your pet is on and any medical records you have from your veterinary (we prefer the medical records are faxed or emailed to use before your appointment if possible). After the initial history is taken, Dr. Bunch and/or Dr. Greene (along with the veterinary student) will examine your pet. This examination can be very extensive (especially if your pet is going to have physical rehabilitation). This examination can be done with you present, but sometimes we find pets relax more and cooperate better away from their owners. It varies with the pet and we will do whatever is most comfortable for your pet. The initial visit can take 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the severity of the condition.

When your pet comes in for its therapy and/or acupuncture session, the appointments usually take 45-60 minutes depending on what treatments are being done. You can be present for the treatments or can leave your pet with us to day board while you are at work or running errands if it is more convenient.

Some pets that we treat in the IVM/rehab service, are transferred from other services (such as neurology or orthopedics) while they are staying at WSU-VTH. If your pet has been receiving care with us through another service, we will make every effort to ensure you are kept updated on your pet’s progress and have instructions when your pet leaves our hospital.

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