Clinical Pathology Laboratory

Frequently Asked Questions


I am an owner, can I send samples from my pet?

No. We accept samples only from veterinarians. 

How do I receive my test results?

We fax most of the test results to the attending veterinarian/clinic. Abnormal results may also be phoned to the veterinarian.

What type of sample should I submit?

Please refer to the sample submission/shipping guidelines. We are happy to give guidance for appropriate sample submission, please call if you have questions.

Can I send you my samples for WADDL?

WADDL (Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory) is a separate department from the Clinical Pathology laboratory. It is best if you contact and send samples directly to WADDL. 

Billing questions:

Each sample is invoiced by the Clinical Pathology laboratory, however, billing is done by the accounting department of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Please direct inquires to them. 509-335-0816 

Can I submit a sample for histopathology?

Histopathology, serology, and bacteriology are performed by WADDL. Please contact them for further information. WADDL Forms 

Are you open on Saturdays?

We are only open for in-clinic patient testing on Saturday mornings.

Are results available on line?

Results are available to WSU VTH clinicians seeing in-clinic cases through the VADDS system. Results are currently not available to outside veterinarians on-line.

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