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Neurology Service at WSU

The neurology service at WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to unmatched care for all animals with neurologic problems. We provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services including MRI and multi-slice CT scan. WSU has leading neurosurgical capabilities for all levels of the nervous system, i.e. peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and brain.

Diagnosing and treating a pet with neurological conditions involves a team of specialists including neurologists, surgeons, and physical rehabilitation practitioners. At WSU, veterinary students in training are also part of the team caring for your pet.

Follow the links at the left for information about the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic problems in animals as well as information about the neurology service at WSU.

  • Linus the Cat
    Eight lives left for Linus the tabby cat
    When Holly Freifeld brought her cat, Linus, to Washington State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, he had three tumors on the lining of his brain and it was uncertain whether he could be saved.
    Daily News

Murray: a Corgi PuppyA Corgi Puppy Gets a Second Chance for a Happy and Healthy Life.

Sugar-standingShortly after returning from a business trip in the fall of 2015, Lauren Grabelle found her dog, “Sugar,” dragging herself across the floor. Her hind limbs were lifeless. Lauren became alarmed.

Mr.-Bear-and-Beryl-Swanson-14-DVMAfter noticing an odd lump on his dog’s head in the spring of 2013, Joel Greenhalgh of British Columbia, Canada, took Mr. Bear, a then 11-year-old Australian Sheppard-Rottweiler mix, to his local veterinarian. At first the advice was to watch and see, but when it didn’t go away, his veterinarian took a biopsy. Mr. Bear had cancer.

Scout-with-Dr.-ChenMeet Scout: One of thousands of patients that has been helped because of MRI

DexterDexter was having back pain and an MRI revealed one of his discs was pressing on his spinal cord causing the paralysis in his hind legs.
Washington State University