Neurology Service

Information for Veterinarians

The neurology section provides a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for all species. Expertise in neurologic assessment is combined with special medical imaging (MRI and multi-slice CT scan), electrodiagnostics (electromyography, nerve conduction velocity, repetitive nerve stimulation and brainstem auditory evoked potentials), clinical pathology (cerebrospinal fluid analysis) in pursuit of the most rapid and complete diagnosis. Commonly seen problems include lesions of the spinal column, brain disease including seizures, vestibular disease and metabolic diseases. WSU has leading edge neurosurgical capabilities for all levels of the nervous system, i.e. peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and brain. The neurology service also has access to a complete veterinary rehabilitation facility including a technician who is certified in veterinary rehabilitation. This facility is utilized by neurologic patients who have recently had spinal or brain surgery and also those who have a variety of neurodegenerative conditions.

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