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Neurology Endowment The Neurology Endowment at WSU was established by the generous donations of owners whose dogs had neurologic problems. The endowment provides monies used to care for animals with neurological problems, provide information on neurological conditions, and support research into the neurologic diseases of companion animals.
Over time, great strides have been made in veterinary neurology. As we acquire new knowledge we are better able to treat a wider range of neurological diseases than we could even a few short years ago. These strides have been made through both clinical and basic science research.
As small animal veterinary research dollars are becoming harder and harder to come by, the neurology service has established an endowment from generous donations. The endowment is dedicated toward funding research projects aimed to improve diagnostic tests and treatments for neurological problems in animals.
Contributions to this endowment are used for the purpose of better understanding animal neurologic disease. If you would like to contribute, further information can be obtained at the front desk at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, or by asking any of our neurology staff. Contributions go directly toward helping animals with neurological disease. All contributions are greatly appreciated.
This endowment is a tribute to neurology patients and to the many kind, loving, dedicated owners WSU’s neurology service has had the opportunity to assist. It is our goal to maintain the wonderful legacy set forth by this endowment and further improve the lives of veterinary neurology patients and their owners. 

For questions about giving, contact Kay Glaser, 509-335-4835 or 

To make a gift by mail:
Please make check payable to the WSU Foundation and send to:

Kay Glaser
Washington State University
P.O. Box 647010
Pullman, WA  99164-7010

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