Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)

For Referring Veterinarians

The diagnostic imaging section at WSU welcomes referral radiographic, MRI, CT, and ultrasound images which are reviewed by faculty and residents. Due to the large number of incoming referrals every day, our new cutoff time for receiving will now be 3:30 pm Monday through Friday (there is currently no weekend service). This will give our radiology residents and faculty adequate time to read the images and give a verbal report to the referring veterinarian before the end of the day. As always, our department will try to send out a written finalized report the next day.

Images and/or requests received after 3:30pm will be processed as if received the following day, with a verbal report the day after, and a written report two days following submission.

If you need a referral completed after 3:30pm (but within our business day) on a given day, a STAT fee will be necessary to inform us of the importance of the case, implying our need to attend to it immediately. To make this happen definitively, please call us at (509)335-6980 when you send in the images so we know to evaluate them immediately. Again, if we do not get a call of that nature to confirm this, we will assume it is not emergent and will be handled as if received the next day.

Both hard copy and electronic images may be submitted. Electronic images may be submitted by email OR directly to our server (instructions below).

Email: radiology@vetmed.wsu.edu

Fax: 855-883-4536

Diagnostic Imaging Referral Form

  • Please complete the Diagnostic Imaging Referral Form with all requested information and submit via fax or email to complete the referral submission process. The date of a digital examination is imperative for image retrieval and an accurate history is greatly appreciated.
  • The fastest way to submit radiographs is via Federal Express, which will be delivered to the office by noon the following day. All other services (including UPS, US Postal Service, etc.) go through WSU main campus mail and require an additional day of processing.
  • To simplify the referral process we would love to get your hospital/practice directly connected to our new referral server. If you have digital images (DICOM) please contact the radiology department directly at radiology@vetmed.wsu.edu and a link will be sent to your email with the connection information. After that it will be a one button send to submit your images to WSU.
  • For Electronic Referrals 
    You will still need to completely fill out the Diagnostic Imaging Referral Form and send it to the Radiology office. Payments can be submitted using a VISA or Master Card by including the card number and expiration date on the referral form, or these referrals can be billed.

Diagnostic Imaging Referral Fees

Radiographic $70
MRI / CT / Ultrasound Cases$140 per site, e.g. head, thorax, abdomen
Pre-purchase Equine exam$220 first 4 joints, $64 each additional 2 joints
Nuclear Medicine$70
Billing Fee$15
STAT Fee for Emergency Cases$35

Payment can be made via check, money order, VISA or Master Card. Referrals received without a payment require billing and will be charged an additional $15.00.

There is no charge for recheck/follow up studies of the same body part submitted within 6 months of the original submission.

IMPORTANT NOTE Regarding Other Image Formats

Only accepting DICOM and Radiographic films. 

We no longer accept jpg, tiff, bmp and other imaging formats because they severely limit the ability of the radiologist to adjust the image for optimum viewing and therefore have the potential to result in a misdiagnosis. These image formats limit the information available, important findings and information can be lost from the original DICOM file format.

Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to improve our referral image interpretation service.

Washington State University