Small Animal Internal Medicine


Ongoing Research

  • Mycophenolate use in cats
  • Platelet function in dogs undergoing aspirin therapy
  • Stem cell treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs
  • Pain assessment in feline pancreatitis
  • Fecal occult blood testing in cats

We are not currently recruiting patients for any research studies at this time.

Research Wish List (SA internal medicine)

  1. PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer
    • Biodata Corp
    • $22,500
    • Allows the assessment of multiple blood samples simultaneous to determine platelet function using the gold standard method. Platelets play a role in the formation of life-threatening blood clots. Platelet inhibiting drugs are often used as clot preventative. Additional research is needed to evaluate the efficacy of these medications and the behavior of platelets in disease. This instrument can be used to assess platelet response to medications and the function of platelets in a variety of disease states. It has the potential to be used clinically to evaluate platelet function in sick patients and to monitor drug therapy.
  2. Platelet Function analyzer (PFA-100)
    • Siemens
    • $13,700
    • This is a bed side test that can be used to rapidly assess platelet function. It is especially sensitive for hereditary conditions that predispose animals to excessive bleeding during routine procedures or surgeries. Further research is needed to determine how well it agrees with other more established methods of evaluating platelet function. The benefits of the PFA-100 are that it is a very rapid test that uses a small amount of unprocessed blood. It can be used by a practicing clinician to quickly gather information about patients that may be at risk of bleeding or developing blood clots. Ultimately it may be an excellent option for clinicians to use in routine practice to assess platelet function and monitor antiplatelet drug therapy.
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